We are JORDS marketing.

A social media agency for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Based in Kelowna, BC, working with brands worldwide.

How does a farm girl from Saskatchewan become a social media strategist? By getting her hands in all things fashion, marketing, and remotely social. Well, after learning to ride horses (still do) and playing in the chicken coup (I’ve passed the torch to my almost two-year-old daughter).

Somehow, I realized I had an eye for design when I started writing about my burgeoning style and became a full-time fashion blogger at just eighteen. 

Alongside the eye-opening experience of growing my own socials, I worked as an assistant editor at a Vancouver magazine where I coordinated brand partnerships and influencer campaigns, led creative direction for photoshoots, and learned exactly what’s involved in growing brand awareness from the ground up through the power of socials. 

From freelancing and traveling between Canada and Europe with my recently retired pro-hockey-player husband, to working with brands worldwide and partnering with an agency, to NOW starting my own agency, I’ve seen it all. What I learned? There was a gap in the market, and I knew how to fill it.

Now that I’ve been on all sides of the industry, I set out on my own to run my digital marketing agency. What can I say? I absolutely love what I do.

Hey! I’m Jordan,

social media strategist and creative director for fashion-forward brands

JORDS Marketing • & Social •

Some things you should know about me:

I’m super real & raw but totally profesh. As a mom of two under 2 I’ll give it to you straight, no BS, and always with a dose of strategy, helpful advice, and direction along the way.

I have a seriously good eye for Instagram feeds. I can build the feed of your dreams, but most importantly, I know how to use data to make it allllll strategic. 

I didn’t just decide to become a social media strategist one day. I’ve worked across the spectrum of this industry for the last eight years, from influencing to working for brands. I know what works and how to make it align with your unique biz! (Seriously, my hashtag strategies are acclaimed.)

Some of my clients have been with me for 6+ years. That’s not to say I don’t do short-term projects, but I loooove building relationships and collaborating with my clients and helping them grow massively from day 1 and for years to come.

One more thing...

When I’m not here at Jords, I run another biz 
with my bestie & design genius Tina.

After searching for (and def not finding) stock photos that actually look good and aren’t the same images you’ve seen on every other website, we created Editorial Stock Images, a library of unique, standout, editorial-style images, videos, mock-ups, and social templates created by the world’s top photographers and designers, specially for creative brands just like yours.

Around here, you’re not just another account. Together we’ll build a relationship and grow your socials into an awareness machine.